Hero Characters

Angry Goats


What is Angry Goats?

“Angry Goats” is a fast-paced multidirectional shoot-’em-up for iOS platform. Move with one thumb and fire with the other in the fight against the furious herds!

You know you’re going to die, the goats know you’re going to die, but no one knows when you’re going to die, or how many goats you’ll take with you!  Survive long enough and you’ll level up, earn in-game currency, and unlock dramatic backstories and powerful upgrades for your heroes to use in their continued quest to quell the infuriated invaders!


How many Hero characters are available to play with in “Angry Goats”?

More than 10 playable characters.


Who are the enemies?

Your enemies are the titular Angry Goats, and they live up to their name.  They’ll come in herds without number and without mercy to attack you and your objectives.  Hold them off as long as you can for exciting rewards, and look out for the mutants! More than 10 unique  Angry Goat enemies are available in the game.


Weapons that pack a Wallop!

From baseball bat with nails and pistol to hot rod flesh melting machete and rocket launcher, to secret weapons that no one knew about till now, the game is full of weapons of individual and mass destruction. More than 15 unique weapons are available to play with.

You can upgrade weapons, because you can’t spell “fun” without a few letters from the word “gun”, am I right?  Pick up that Axe and upgrade it from a weak wooden wannabe to a massive metallic murder machine, or swap them to secure the perfect goat-stomping arsenal.


Did I hear tower defense?

Yes you did! In addition to missions based survival “Angry Goats” game includes elements from this popular genre. Towers are powerful points you can employ to protect yourself and your priorities. Using your collected goat cheese, manufacture a Machine Gun Tower to help buffet those bully goats with bullets, or form a Freeze Tower to slow ‘em down so you can shut ‘em down. From Napalm to Tesla, Towers can be essential for taming the trampling terrors. Game has 5 unique towers for you to place in the level.


What is Goat Chee$e?

Goat Cheese is the most valuable commodity in the universe, and it just so happens to fall out of your enemies in healthy heaps! Collecting it will give you the chance to purchase upgrades for weapons and towers, as well as emergency power-ups when things get nasty, which they most certainly will.


Are there any survival Items?

Yes! Power-Ups can be bought for instant assistance in surviving the scariest scenarios. Call in much-needed Health Packs for when you’re running low, Red Goat for a temporary speed boost, Goat Tears for heightened damage, or (if things get really bad) the Fainting Goat Strike: an expensive last-resort that clears the screen of enemies.