About Mad Reactor

Sam Shpigelman and Daniel Rohrlick are both avid gamers and educators.  They’ve each developed curricula and classes to teach kids and adults about game design, and they’ve each worked on multiple casual and educational titles.  Together, they created amazing AR/VR simulation for UCSD and Scripps Oceanography Institute, so when Sam approached Daniel with the idea for “Angry Goats”, Daniel jumped on board, and Mad Reactor was founded.

With their new company, Sam and Daniel want to create games that are functionally and visually unique.  By holding their projects to their own very high standards as gamers, they hope to create titles that offer audiences unforgettably fun and addicting experiences, and to keep in touch with players to receive valuable feedback in order to keep making the best games possible.

Meet Our Core Team

Sam Shpigelman

Founder, CCO, Game Director
With nearly two decades of experience as a professional CG artist, educator, and manager, Sam is the man with the plan. His previous work ranges from 3D visualizations for medical and architectural fields to a host of casual titles on the iOS and Android systems. He’s also worked on titles for Sony Interactive and Universal, and his interactive UI designs are at the core of Snapdragon Game Command Center from Qualcomm.  He’s a lecturer at the School of Theatre, Television, and Film at SDSU, and he’s designed and implemented curricula for future developers. He knows how games work, from their conception to their design to their distribution.

Daniel Rohrlick

Founder, Programmer
As an experienced coder and graphical designer, Daniel’s worked with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to create some of the most engaging educational videogames, praised by both educators and public audiences for teaching players about the world in exciting ways. He’s developed camps and classes for middle and high school students to introduce them to programming and game design software, and even his spare time is filled with making independent games.  He’s a programmer with passion.

Alex Romaiev

Game Art, Concept Art, Textures
Alex has done it all.  High poly and low poly modeling from scratch, hand-painting realistic and stylized textures, optimization and shaders and illustration and sculpting and other stuff that’s really hard to spell; he’s no joke, and he’s not limited to one program, either.  He’s got an arsenal of software he’s mastered from Adobe to Maya and Max to Zbrush to Unity and Unreal.  Every stage of game design is his domain.

Ewen Sinclair

Composer, Sound Designer
Inspired by British composers of the romantic era, Ewen’s compositional process involves immersing himself in the narrative of the music itself and its interplay with visual content.  Starting with the electric bass and spreading to the guitar and drums, he’s learned to appreciate every genre of music, and he believes that being open to them all allows for powerful combinations, so his studio, Evermoon Music, is a hub for projects of every kind.  For “Angry Goats”, he’s fused synthesized and orchestral instruments to get just the right sound for fighting the infinite foes.

Tom Gould

From game design docs and outlines to short film scripts and choose-your-own-adventure stories, Tom’s been writing for years. Though relatively new to the gaming scene, he’s worked with a few teams already, sometimes writing dialogue and in-game narratives, and sometimes taking on more tedious writing jobs so the other designers can focus on what they’re really good at: making fun games. With a history as a cartoonist and parodist, his style fits in well with the over-the-top attitude of “Angry Goats”.

David Oates

Marketing, Strategic Planning
As a 20-year marketing and public relations veteran, he learned invaluable corporate communication and leadership skills during his time as a U.S. Navy combat and public affairs officer on several forward deployed operations, including Haiti, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.  Before founding Stalwart Communications in 2006, he was Marketing Director for Financial Profiles, a 35-year-old financial planning software, where he directed customer sales and support, brand enhancement, public relations, competitive analysis, and market analysis programs.  Named among 2009’s “40 under 40” list of top professionals by the San Diego Metropolitan, he’s the money man we can’t afford NOT to have.

Don’t Be Shy. Get in Touch.

If you are interested in learning more about Angry Goats game or want to report a bug, send us an inquiry to sam.madreactor@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can!